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Magazines for Reference

Try to scrounge up sutible reference materials before you tackle your project. These can be books from the library, internet sites like this one, magazines, talking to people, or any other items related to your vehicle. Things like parts availability and sources are a big concern, especially when you are up nights wondering where you'll get that rust free fender or much needed headlight switch. Just getting to know your NAPA counter man well can be a huge help to your goal. Remember, finding the right parts at a good price is a valuable skill for anyone to possess, hot rod or not.
This particular copy of Truckin' had TWO Dodge Trucks from this vintage inside. It is the November 1991 issue and surprisingly, they made the front cover photo as well. Other issues of Truckin' with Dodge Trucks of this vintage are:

I'm sure other issues of Truckin have '61-'71 Dodge Trucks in them, but I don't have access to those issues. If you know anyone who does, e-mail me by clicking "Online Response" below.

Visit Truckin' Magazine Online.

Comprehensive List of Mopar Articles
Click here to view a comprehensive list of articles featured in Mopar magazines over the past few years. Note that this is not a complete list, only a list of articles from magazines in my personal collection. This list is useful for those who would like to order back issues from the publisher or refer to articles from their own collection.

Mopar Magazines

Most of the Mopar magazines currently published have excellent articles on engine buildups and tech info that can apply to all Chrysler Vehicles, including the trucks. Valuable info on engines is usually the bulk of this information, but one can occasionally find a '61-'71 Dodge Truck lurking between the covers of a few issues. Here's more...

You've found the Website, now go find the magazine that caters to the Dodge Truck (and Jeep) Enthusiast. Power Wagon & Sport Utes Magazine is published four times yearly, and is packed with in-depth articles, cool pictures and excellent information. Contact RHO publications at 1-215-639-4456 for subscription info.


One of the finest, Mopar Action Magazine exposes high horsepower secrets, original resto tips and ultra rare musclecars in each issue.

Mopar Collector's Guide is the definitive parts source for any Mopar owner or collector. Each issue is loaded with hundreds of "Mopar Only" parts listings and articles on restored and custom vehicles.

Mopar Muscle Magazine" has a recent addition: the Dodge Truck Section. Some issues so far have featured A-100's, '61-'71 Sweptline pickups, and many of the newer custom trucks. If you haven't picked up a copy of Mopar Muscle yet, get one as soon as you can!

High Performance Mopar is the premier high horsepower Mopar publication. Complete engine buildups, wild street musclecars, and much more in each copy.

Chrysler Power Magazine has a longstanding tradition of excellent Mopar tech, articles and features.

The Power Wagon Advertiser is a monthly magazine aimed at the hard-core Power Wagon restorer/enthusiast. For more info, inquire at this address:

Power Wagon Advertiser
3090 Benton Iowa Rd.
Norway, IA 52318-9510
E-mail Gordon Maney for info.

Other Recommended Titles

This Old Truck Magazine is one that includes it's own Dodge Garage section, which sounds like the perfect place to read about our favorite vehicles. Overall, any Classic truck fan will enjoy their in-depth tech and wonderful articles.

Hemmings Motor News is "The Bible of the collector-car hobby since 1954." Each issue is a huge marketplace of ads for parts, vehicles, and other items, all of which pertain to any automotive enthusiast. All listings are conveniently ordered by make, model and interest area. Pick up a copy if you are interested in some intense parts searching.

Hot Rod Magazine is the one place I turn to when I need concise tech and performance info. Their articles highlight everything from high-buck Rods to ultra low-buck tips and tricks for the commoner. The subscription is well worth the money spent. Subscription info: 1-800-800-4681

Custom Classic Trucks is another title which would be of interest to most old Dodge Truck enthusiasts. Although generally biased toward the F*#d and Ch%&y varieties of custom and classic rigs, there are occasionally some good tech articles and features which are of interest to the Mopar resto crowd. More info: 1-800-766-6997.

Unless otherwise noted, all images on this page are from the respective magazines or publishers above.

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