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Custom and Specialty Pages
These pages include info that is of special interest to BIG '61-'71 enthusiasts or to those who are interested in making a custom truck out of their Dodge.

Wild 4x4 Trucks - Includes some excellent examples of how BAD Dodge 4x4s can be. Check out this page--it has a monster trucked Sweptline Era Power Wagon.

Ideas and Examples show custom trucks of this vintage that exhibit uniqueness and style.

Junkyard Scenes are multiple pages that are merely for those who love to see junkyard photos of Dodge Trucks and cringe at the shame of most of them.

The Site Visitor's Trucks page shows pics of the trucks that people just like you own and take pride in restoring.

Street Scenes provide insight into the trucks in "highly Dodge Truck populated" areas of the USA.

The High Performance page includes tips on how to upgrade your truck via the larger powerplant method.

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