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Junkyard Scenes Two

- Red early model and white longbed, both at C-T Truck Parts.
- Faded red longbed('65-'67 most likely) comes complete with an extra hood to replace the mangled and broken-hinged remant up front.

- Slant-six powered '68 D-100. Partially dismantled in preparation for more constructive uses. Note happy guys nearby. (photo submitted by Chris Lublin.)
- Pair of abused '70-'71 trucks, both LA-318 powered. The blue beast is a 3/4 ton Camper Special while the yellow is simply a shortbox utiline. (photos submitted by Chris Lublin.)
- Thrashed '70 or '71 D-700 with 318/5spd. This kind of punishment is just plain wrong. (photo submitted by Chris Lublin.)
- '70 Dodge D-300 spotted in a Tenessee boneyard. This truck was also blessed with the 318. Note "Dodge" upper window tint. (photo submitted by Chris Lublin.)
- Here's a well picked over "Pull-n-Save" truck. Vintage is either '65 or '66.
- '68 or '69 longbed, also located at "Pull-n-Pocket".
- '65 or '66 longbed with it's 318 V-8 securely grounded.
- [Was] black, later vintage shortbox. Note window paint. Darn Right #1!
- '65 or'66 longbed with the "sort-of rare" small back window.
- Early shorty with trick two-tone paint job. Last owner painted "NCC-1701" on the side just above the fender. Too bad the Starship Enterprise wasn't a Dodge.
- Dilapidated '61-'64 in primer. I think this one had a 318 Wideblock, but can't remember exactly. Note 90 degree hood at well over 90 degrees.
- This field had a number of old, older and much older Dodge Trucks. Not often do you see this kind of representation in such a wide range of years. The Sweptline truck is a `65 or `66 longbed D-100 with a decent chrome grille.(submitted by Chris Lublin)
- Here's the same field with a view including a trashed `69 D-100. Wonder where all those poles came from? (submitted by Chris Lublin)

A-100's and A-108's
- A-100 van, next to some full-size pickups as well as an A-100 pickup. Painful, I know.
- Better shot of that red\white pickup. Notice the rare and very desirable cab rear quarter windows in good condition. They have since been used elsewhere. It seems as though this truck would be worth rescuing from the photo. Nonetheless, the extensive rust on the drivers side of this truck prohibits most thoughts of a resto. (cancerous rust 12"-15" up the side of the body)
- This is a `68 A-100 with a Slant Six and a 727 automatic tranny. Note rollover damage. Looks like a parts rig, eh?
- Rollover victim: A-108(had a 318).
- Faded green A-100 along with a nearby wagon.
- Another white A-108. I took the emblem off that driver's door and later affixed it to my backpack.

- Ultra '70's style A-100 with mega-faded van era paint job. Custom sunroof located on the rear of the truck was no accident.
- Here are three pics of a A-100 pickup found way back in a Ch%#y crowded boneyard near Spokane Raceway Park. Owner (says) he plans to get the truck running and use it around the yard for some more hard work. Sure was nice to hear, but doubtful. Note strangely mounted side wheel in first two pics.

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