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Street Scenes Two
`61-Early `65 Trucks continued...

- Longbox Sweptline, mostly used as an in town hauler. Still has the clumsy factory split rim wheels.
- Utiline Longbed with garden/cleaning apparatus in easy reach location.
-Beautifully repainted Sweptline longbed at work moving cargo. Smile for the camera! Driven daily, with a 318 wideblock for motivation.
- Two rare Power Wagons here. On the left is a `64 W-500 which is one of 311 while the other is a `57 W-500 which happens to be one of only 57 trucks made. (Photo submitted by Chris Lublin)

'65-'67 Trucks

- Handy Andy's own's this one. Used and driven frequently. Note aluminum sided canopy.
- Two "outside of fence" shots of a beautiful W-200 Power Wagon. Nice wheels, ruff and tuff configuration, what more could one want?
- '65 or '66 3/4 ton longbox with camper. Found on a used car lot, it was in dire need of a caring owner. Later purchased, then parked.
- Uniquely customized, this '65-'67 Dodge Truck was parked as if it were trying to hide. Note chrome headlight eyelids.
- 3/4 ton longbox with parking lights on. Unless I missed something, the rust was not as bad as the Flintstones sticker might suggest.
- The original "Street Scene." This action shot was taken directly from the passenger compartment of my '67. Look closely for the blue hood at the bottom of the picture.
- Here's a good look at a '65 or '66 FARGO 1/2 ton. That's right, FARGO. Dodge used the FARGO nameplate on all of their Canadian sold trucks. How many double takes do you think you'd get while driving this truck?! (photo submitted by Steve Botkin.)
- This '65 or '66 rig is constantly seen cruzing the streets.
- Another work truck as these are most commonly found to be. Note mangled body near driver's door.
- This "For Sale" sign refers to the truck pictured next to it. What a deal! Look closely for the specs.
- Two words. Bautiful Truck. It's almost like the owner wanted me to take this shot!

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