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Third Street Scenes Page
More '65-'67 Trucks...

- While under construction, this utiline has all kinds of planned mods. The most notable, although difficult to see, is the completed and fully independent front suspension via subframe.
- '65 or '66 longbed with small camper. Look for the box in the bed of the this one.
- Trash hauler is about all I've seen this one pose as. Note mounting of large mudflaps.
- This poor old thing has been in the same spot for years--on an old car lot. It's been abused and desperately needs TLC. Note vandalism.
- Note the close proximity if the tree to this one. Looks like another work truck to me.
- Another daily driver. This one had a clean body, and very little rust. Perfect for resto or custom.
- This is a `67 Utiline which seems to have been customized at one time. Note wheels/tires and raked stance. The rear bumper on this truck may be an OEM part, which is a rare find. (Photo submitted by Chris Lublin)
- `66 D-100 with the 225 Slant Six. The paint job on this one looks very clean, possibly a fresh repaint considering the repetitive use of white. (Photo submitted by Chris Lublin)
- This truck is a `66 D-200 with a Polysphere 318 and automatic tranny. Another example of a really clean paint job. This is most likely a repaint due to the lack of black paint on the core support. (submitted by Chris Lublin)
- Here's a `65 D-200 Stake with a Polysphere 318 and 4-speed tranny.(submitted by Chris Lublin)
- `66 D-200 Longbed. Clean truck with some body damage. Most likely another lawn and garden hauler.


'68-'69 Trucks...

- Clean 3/4 ton with homemade side racks. Although kept for work purposes, the owner regularly maintains and drives it.
- Whut?? A tandem axle Sweptline Era truck?? Yes and no. This is a custom job just waiting to hit the road. Unfortunately, Chrysler never manufactured them in this configuration. Wouldn't it have been neat though??
- Used car lots have a surprising abundance of these trucks. This is a prime example, and probably one of the nicer of those found at such locations.
- You may remember this one from the picture for the "Part Sources" link. Kinda dark in this photo, sorry.
- Nice and straight '68 Adventurer. Where'd the front fenders go? Note Adventurer emblem on tail and original police-style dog dish hubcap.
- This owner is into custom stuff that never gets finished. Note buckets in utiline, and bondo filled '69 Camaro tail on early Corvette.
- Found this one near Mead Used Auto Parts, one of my favorite junkyards. This one, however, wasn't a parts truck. Note white roof, possibly original.
- '68 D-200, also found in Tenessee. Note flatbed. (photo submitted by Chris Lublin.)
- This subject, found at Art Santa Rosa's Truck Wrecking, apparently has a 383/727 combo and runs good. Too bad I didn't find it before Art did.
- This is a clean example of an original 383 powered, automatic transmission D-100 longbed. Note the hard white tonneau cover on this one.
- What a MONSTER! Can you imagine crusing around in this beauty? The hood scoop alone is intimidating enough for most people. Here Ch*#y, Ch*#y, Ch*#y... (Courtesy of Joe Cimoch)
- This is quite a picturesque scene, two tough Power Wagons at dusk. What a combination, a crew cab (in case you wanna bring friends along for the ride) and a longbed (multipurpose).(Courtesy of Joe Cimoch)


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