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Street Scenes Four
'70-'71 Trucks

- Stout 3/4 ton ready to go. Note hood misalignment. This seems to be a common problem, caused by hood hinge wear.
- Go to school in style. Go in a DODGE School Bus. (Note: Picture is distorted due to H2O on camera lens.)
- Clean camper with good parking. Great for those who want to secretly take pictures of it.
- This is an interesting subject. On a psudo car-lot and taxi depot, this truck awaits attention. Speaking of attention, take a gander at that uniquely functional exhaust stack.
- Rare '71 Sweptline Special. These shortbed trucks were sold with very few options and a 198 Slant-six to try and outsell competitors trucks. Dodge was able to market them for $300 less than F*#d or C&$*y trucks in the same market. Due to the low number of options, these trucks are a noteworthy find. This one was found in Cookeville, Tenessee. Apparently, it needed a great deal of T.L.C. before it would have moved under its own power. (photo submitted by Chris Lublin.)
- Another front mounted spare on this '70 or '71 shorty. Maybe he bumps traffic out of his way with it. I would.
- Tough 3/4 ton with trim along bodyline. Note spare gas tank door, which is fairly common on these trucks in this area.
- Say hello to the "Power Ass Wagon." Although I can't take credit for the name on this one, I must say that it's a real attention getter. Note custom wood panel on tailgate.
- On the same lot as that directly above, this later shorty sits. If I had this truck, I would...
- Now, here's a dangerous duo. The closer truck(minus bed) is a Power Wagon with an obviously incorrect hood. Note other Mopar vehicles in background of the first shot.
- One of the few and the proud, a big D-series truck. Note unique rear dump bed.
- A fairly rare sight, one non-Power Wagon D-100 4x4 on yet another car lot. Used and abused, but very resotorable.
- Stock D-100 longing to be driven.

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