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Street Scenes Five
More `70-`71 Trucks

- 1971 Dodge D-100 Adventurer. Powered by a 318 and an automatic. Certainly in clean, original condition. (photo submitted by Chris Lublin.)
- Have a look at these pics of a brawny '70 or '71 Dodge fire truck in current operation by the Spokane Washington volunteer fire department. This truck was tricked out with all kinds of neato items, so look closely. Note the heavy duty nature of all the parts installed.

- A couple of Adventurer SE trucks: one red/orange '70 and a black '71. It looks like the current owner is a true enthusiast, especially with two rare trucks in the process of restoration. We all wish... (photos submitted by Chris Lublin.)
- Two shots of a '70 or '71 Fargo Adventurer fully restored. Interior photo shows white vinyl bucket seats and upper trim level appointments. Chrysler steel wheels and chrome trim finish off the original equipment Adventurer package on this truck. (photos submitted by Steve Botkin.)

- This enthusiast has 3 `70-`71 Dodge Trucks. Certainly a collector and restorer. The closest truck is an Adventurer package truck while the others may be as well.
- Clean 1970 D-200 in a scenic locale. This truck looks very original, with the OEM hubcaps and all original trim remaining.
- This image is of a `71 D-200 with a LA318 engine and 727 tranny. What, you couldn't tell all that from the picture? This truck was used for parts, despite how solid the truck looks overall.
- This is a `73 Dodge school bus. Surprisingly, Dodge stuck with the Sweptline cab bodies until late in 1973 when engineers created modified body panels for the more current (`72-`80 style) truck cabs. These modified panels were for medium duty commercial trucks which were D-500 (two-ton) and higher in designation.


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