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Technical Information Pages
Looking for tips and tricks to repair or customize your '61-'71 Dodge Truck? Choose from the wide selection of pages below to find what you need.

Note: For even more Tech info, check out Updated Regularly.

The Engines page offers insight into different engine setups and combos, and suggests ways to go about rebuilding powerplants for maximum fun-per-mile. It also includes links to information about:

The Drivetrain page highlights the chassis items that are commonly hard to find parts for, repair, and customize and includes a link to the first Sweptline I-beam to IFS Swap Page.

How to Add a Drain Plug to your Mopar 8 3/4" Rear. This simple modification allows you to more easily maintain your 8 3/4" Mopar Differential by making fluid changes quick and easy.

Periodic Maintenance - This page describes the items that need attention at regular intervals.

Body / Rust includes information on common rust out areas, and attempts to explain some ways that the rust can be repaired.

Common Problems includes tips on how to fix problematic mechanisms, effectively maintain your truck and offers ideas to save time and money.

Electrical Tech - Here's a page full of simple fixes to annoying problems, some ideas, and reference information such as wiring diagrams that can be downloaded or printed.

Adding a third brake light to a Sweptline Era Dodge Truck is easy! Check out how its done by viewing the Custom Third Brake Light Install page. This information actually applies to nearly any vehicle, but the example truck is a Sweptline Era Dodge.

Interiors explains what it takes to get and change the parts related to the cockpit of '61-'71 Dodge Trucks and A-100 Vans.

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