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On this page is the Java DecoderApplet which should decode any `61-`71 Dodge Truck VIN from the list below:

The Java Applet is below. Follow the on-screen instructions and decode away! If you don't have a serial number handy but would still like to try out the decoder, click here for a few examples.
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The information on "This truck is the #### th manufactured in 19XX" should be considered carefully. This info field comes from the last six digits of the VIN, and is specific to the particular plant that the vehicle was built at. So, if your "truck is the 53,448th truck built in 1967", then it was the 53,448th truck built at the plant listed above for the year 1967.

Be aware that you should only attempt to decode real VIN numbers. Making up your own will work, but the data will probably not make sense (unless you know your VIN numbers very well). If you would like to try this program out and don't have a VIN handy, try the following:

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