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Awesome Dodge 4x4s
Although Dodge made some of the toughest trucks ever when they built their Power Wagons, there are always ways to improve on a good thing. Below are some examples of this, including a Sweptline Era Monster Truck.

Richard Trimble's Mud Boggin' Power Wagon
Here we have a great example of a daily driver that does double duty. Richard started with a rare `65 W-100 half-ton Utiline and made it tough enough to withstand the ultimate off road chore-mud bogging. In the pictures you see here the truck has a Polysphere 318 for motorvation but the truck now has a 440 providing its go-power. Richard has been competing with the truck in the Modified Big Block class at Oakhurst California's yearly mud bog event. He's placed as high as third with the truck (1997). With the action pictures he sent, Richard also sent a detailed list of specs on his truck:
More Freeze Frame Pics
rtrimble2.jpg rtrimble3.jpg
Richard has owned the truck since 1994 and has plans to upgrade it with every possible option thru 1971 as well as update the performance and enhance its safety features. Ultimately, he is shooting for a truck that can tame Sierra trail rides, the Dunes at Pismo, desert rock crawling, mud and snow along with L.A. traffic.

War Wagon Monster Truck
Owned by Roger "Jackson" Curdboy, this is probably the world's only example of a Sweptline Era Monster Truck. Titled, "The War Wagon", most folks I know would certainly go to war for it. Specs on the truck include all original Utiline sheetmetal riding on customized `66 truck frame. The beast is powered by a 464c.i. Big block that pumps 950 horses through a custom 727 tranny spinning a B&M 3,000rpm stall converter and 2.5ton transfer case. Holding up the mega monster is a leaf spring suspension with 20 Rancho 7000 shocks above the 5ton military axles. All this to turn the huge 66" Firestone tires. Overall, the truck weighs in at a whopping 14,990lbs as you see it here.
War Wagon Pics

Tom Nelson's `66 Camper Special
Tom's `66 Camper Special started life as a 2wd pickup. After ten years of hard work on this project, the `66 has become a monster! A total of 20" of lift bring the truck up to the height shown, including 8" Skyjacker springs, 2" add-a leafs along with 6" extended shackles at both ends of each spring. The truck rides on 44" tall Gumbo Monster Mudder treads bolted to DANA 60 differentials front and rear. Power is provided by the original `66 Polysphere 318 engine, modified with an aluminum Weiand intake manifold, Accel Electronic Ignition and an Accel high power coil. The truck also had a dual exhaust system. Tom insists that, "The old 318 does just fine pushing the 44" Gumbo Monster Mudders." Future plans for the truck include power steering and a paint job. Information submitted by Tom Nelson of Silver Lake, OR. Click on the images below to see more images of this awesome 4x4.

Bill Werder's `64 Power Wagon
Image from Truckworld Online
Bill has spent an estimated $70,000 dollars to freshen up this 1964 Dodge W-200 Power Wagon. Among the overwhelming list of modifications include a 440ci big-block for power, a remote operated under-hood fire supression system, lights mounted in the chassis for repair purposes and gas tank capacity of 75 gallons. There is no place this truck can't go. The monster weighs in at a whopping 8,000lbs thanks to all the extra accessories it carries. Two more images are linked below; click the text link to see a full detail of all the modifications this truck at Truckworld Online. Special thanks to Duane the editor for allowing me to use these images.
Photos courtesy of TRUCKWORLD ONLINE! See more info on this truck at

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