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Site Visitor's Trucks
These are the trucks of people who frequent this website. Like you and I, they take pride in their vehicles. Quotes of praise for the site are also included.

Bill Pate's `63 D-100
Bill Pate's `63 D-100 Utiline started life as a simple farm truck that had been kept in the family since it was new. Bill even learned to drive in the truck! After only 23,000 miles had gone by on the odometer, Bill decided to rebuild the truck from the ground up. The truck now sports a built 318 Polysphere with an aluminum four barrel intake topped by a 750cfm carb, 0.030" overbore, custom ground camshaft and a set of custom built headers. Putting the power to the ground are a 727 tranny and 3.55 rear gears. In the interior, Bill stays cool with a HVAC system by Vintage Air. Bill has won at numerous shows with the truck including best of show honors in the 1999 Oklahoma Mopar Show. Future plans may include a transplant to an Early Hemi Engine. Click the image below to see an interior photo of the truck. Photos submitted by Bill Pate.
- Interior Photo of Bill Pate's `63 D-100 Utiline Pickup.

Steve Botkin's '66 D-200

Photos by KW.
This race car hauler and daily driver belongs to Steve Botkin of Montana. He has two race cars, the one pictured is a '69 Super Bee. The truck has a '69 HP 383 with the MP Electronic Ignition Conversion, chromed interior accents, and an orange pearl paint job.
- Engine Photo.
- Interior Photo.

"I want to thank you for setting up this website, I'm glad to see there are other surfers involved in this era of Dodge Trucks."
-- Rob Bunn, son of writer Don Bunn


Chris' '66 D-100 Shorty

Chris lives in Portland, Oregon. He curently maintains the Christian Mopar Club Website and also owns a clean, original condition two-door Dart.

"It's nice to see something for real trucks instead of Chevys and Fords. Good job."
--sent in by Bob Sanders

"It is great to see a page devoted to these marvels of engineering."
--care of Duffy Armitage

Jim's '67 D-200 Camper Special

Photo by KW.
Jim is the proprietor of Sugarbear racing, and would you believe that he too pulls his race car in style? With a '67 Dodge D-200 and factory 383 motorvation, that is. He is the man responsible for finding my Heddman Hedders, and has BS'ed with me frequently on various Dodge topics. This, by the way, is not his only '67.

"I really love your site. It is almost what I have been looking for. I haven't seen any other site about 1962-1971 Dodges at all! Your site is a real treat!"
--from Réjan Sayak of Canada

"I have looked through your website and have seen much to my liking. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of 65-66 Fargo trucks. I think that they are the epitome of pickups. Just about everyone I know derides them as ugly and junk. I'd like to thank you for putting up your website, since no one here is overly sympathetic to my project, I find it very reassuring to know that there are others interested in these trucks."
--submitted by Colin Curle [a.k.a. The FargoFiend]

Paul Gray's 1967 Dodge D100 Sweptline
Here's a customized enthusiast truck from Houston, TX. Although originally equipped with a 318 and the famous A-727 tranny, Paul opted for Mo-power by swapping in a 360. Non-factory air conditioning was also installed for extra creature comforts. Custom turbine wheels with street treads compliment the beautiful candy color and contrasting black roof treatment.

"Another truly great MOPAR site!"
from Mick Short in Australia

"It's nice to touch base with someone who enjoys Dodge trucks as much as I do."
--David Pershing

Chris Lublin's 1971 Dodge D-200 Camper Special
Take a gander at a true work truck, owned by Chris Lublin. He puts this 318 powered and A-727 transmission equipped truck through its paces daily. He plans to install a Cummins 5.9 turbodiesel under the hood. Certainly an owner who knows what he wants out of a truck. Chris has been quite helpful in regards to sending in pictures and Dodge Truck brochures for scanning. He also advises me on the historical content of this site when there are questionable points of information. Thank you Chris!!!

"I love your Web pages. I thought that I was the only one that liked old Dodges."
--Ken Christensen

"Great page, have it on my favorite list."
Tim Kuka

Monty Montgomery's Ultra Rare Trucks
Monty Montgomery, Dodge enthusiast and writer for various publications, owns these thoroughbred Mopar trucks that are worth more than simply mentioning. The above is a shot of his "one of 74" 440 powered '78 D-150 Adventurer SE. Plans are to restore this rig as he is working to find all the right parts to complete the job. While on the subject of rare, take a good look at the photos below, they depict Monty's 1957 D-100 Sweptside. Monty states that the truck runs wonderfully, and it will undoubtedly become a show stopper once restored.
- Front 3/4 view.
- Rear 3/4 view.


"Great stuff! I was pleasantly surprised to find your site."
Eric Smith

Michael Whitley's '68 D-200
Here's Michael Whitley's 1968 Dodge D200 Camper Special. Powered by a freshly rebuilt, .040 over 383 and four speed tranny his truck is really a wolf in sheep's clothing. If the 383 wasn't enough, a Edelbrock intake and 600CFM carb top off the big-block powerplant. Michael tells me that he found the truck in a barn, where it had been sitting for 20 years. He also noted that it is practically rust free and had a unique aftermarket A/C installed when he got it. He's already gone through and rebuilt the entire drivetrain and plans to add a fresh paint job and a set of headers.
- Photo of Michael's performance oriented 383.

"Great Site. Very nice and much needed."
Don Evans

"Dodge truck info is even harder to find than the trucks themselves. Your work is really appreciated!"
Todd Last

Duffy Armitage's 392 Powered '71 Shortbox
A real life example of a HEMI powered Sweptline Era truck is Duffy's '71 Shortbox Sweptline. Shown above is his cleanly housed 392 HEMI powerplant which is mated to a Torqueflite 727 transmission. Unique and performance oriented. Too bad this combo wasn't available for these trucks from the factory! I saw this truck at the Mopar show in my hometown a few years back and miraculously connected up with Armitage through this site. If you're interested in viewing a detailed description of an Early Hemi Swap into a `61-`71 Sweptline Pickup, then visit the Early Hemi Swap Page elsewhere on this site.

"This is great."

"I've been looking for months for a web page like yours. I'm so excited!"

Bryan Curtman's W-200 4x4's
Bryan Curtman of Owensville, Missouri is fortunate enough to have two nice Sweptline Era Power Wagons. The first is a 1962 W-200 with a Slant-six, less than 30,000 miles on the odometer and zero rust. Originally, the truck came from Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas, Nevada and shows a brass "Department of Navy" tag on the dash. The second truck is a 1971 W-200 which came off the factory floor with the Big Block 383 engine, 727 tranny, air conditioning, as well as power steering and power brakes. Bryan has made some undarcarriage modifications (such as earlier axles with 4:10 gears) and plans more for the near future.
-Bryan's `62 W-200
- Bryan's `71 W-200

"This is a Great Web site! Not often do you see REAL Dodge trucks on the web."
--Jeff Mackens

"Absolutely LOVE the Dodge Truck pages. Especially the van stuff-WOW! I printed a copy to put up on my wall!!"
Rick, of Albuquerque

Eric Putnam's `70 W-100
Eric Putnam got this W-100 shortbox truck from its second owner. He noted that, "the cab is an Adventurer series, and the Utility body (built by Oakland Utility) was put on when purchased in 1970." When photographed, the truck had 121,000 original miles. Powering the truck is a 383 big block, which is slated for a rebuilt with a more agressive camshaft for extra torque. For the drivetrain, this truck has a Dana 44 front axle and a Chrysler 8 3/4" rear linked by a 205 transfer case with new drivelines. The front axle also features WARN locking hubs. Recently, Eric added such performance upgrades as a Edelbrock Performer intake manifold and carburetor.

"What a blast finding this site! Just got the computer and am happy as hell!"

"Finally, a vintage Dodge truck fan. They're hard to find. Compliments on your Web Page. One of the best I've visited."
Terry Christiansen

"Nice web site -- both from an HTML junkie's corner, and from a Mopar freak's point of view."
Brian Schramm

"Thanks again and thanks for the great website work. It's been really helpful for me as a novice Dodge truck owner looking for info and part sources."
Kevin Jones

If you'd like to see your Dodge Truck here, contact the author by using the Online Response Page. Be sure to include a specific request to see your truck on the "Visitor's page". Pics can be accepted via attachment or by US Mail, so send in your best and you'll see them here!

Unless otherwise noted, all images on this page came from the owners of these trucks.

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