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Junkyard Scenes

Junkyards in the Northwestern United States posess an abundance of old Dodge Truck iron. These pages currently highlight a few boneyards in the greater Spokane, WA vicinity. All thumbnails have a brief description and by clicking them, you will see a larger version for better analysis. Some pre-'61 trucks made it onto this page, because of the shame or rarity involved. The photos are not very large in size, so don't worry about slow loading.

Pre-Sweptline Photos

- Early '50's half-ton with Fluid Drive.
-'52? B series with tall bed sides(not shown).

'61-'71 Trucks

- Early('61-'64) commercial Dodge missing a few things...
- '70 or '71 Crewcab without rearend. Under the hood resides a LA-318. NOTE! I TOOK THIS PHOTO YEARS AGO! THE TRUCK IS LONG GONE. (MANY, MANY PEOPLE HAVE E-MAILED ME ABOUT IT!)
- This is a '65 or '66 3/4 ton. This truck donated the cab that is now on my '67 D-100. It is shown at its permanant residence, at Art Santa Rosa's Wrecking. Look closely at the back window of my old cab and you might notice a Mopar insignia.
- "Don't fence me in!" This '68 looks like it would run well if someone would just get it outta there.
- Early shorty clad in blue. It doubles as a mudslide retardant when it rains and as a planter for dandilions in spring.
- Later truck with custom hood prop. Also, a later Adventurer bed with various housewares.
- '69 Utiline. I needed a front brake drum, and this blue beauty had an axle to drive with and one in the bed. Also in the bed there is a 318, making it a custom job(mid-engine).
- '69 or later longbed. Interesting rear cab paint treatment. Note severe front end damage.
- '65-'67 truck with plenty of problems.

Please see the second junk page by clicking below. Multiple pages have been set up so that load time is not unbearable.

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