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Street Scenes

Welcome to the Street Scenes pages. All of the thumbnail files are described in as much detail as possible and, by clicking on them, you will see a larger version for better examination. The photos are not very large, so don't worry about slow loading. Multiple pages have also been set up so if you want to see more, you can.

Some earlier trucks made it onto this page due to the uniqueness or rarity involved.

Pre-'61 Trucks

- Tough late fifties POWER WAGON Utiline. Note old or one-off snowplow.
- Stake Bed Dodge with some decent front end sheetmetal, considering its age. Looks like a `59 or `60.
-- - This is a rare '58, single headlight D-100 Sweptside. Found by Chris Lublin in Tenessee, the truck is currently being restored. Neat photos! Chris noted that the engine is a 315 V-8 backed by an automatic tranny. (photos submitted by Chris Lublin.)
- This late fifties Dodge seems to be on it's way to "street machine stardom." Obviously under construction, but well done. (photo submitted by Steve Botkin.)
- A `59 or `60 D-100 with some turbine wheels and a two-tone paint scheme. The bed's body style on this vehicle represents the first incarnation of the Sweptline name.

`64-`70 Vans and A-100's

- White A-100 panel van with custom mag wheels. It's been sitting too long...
- Blue A-100 van next to house. Yet another Dodge used as a planter.
- Ex-US Mail Van. Very unique, look closely at the front end for the DODGE emblem. Last licensed in '95.
- Here's an interesting scan submitted by Rod Goings. As Rod states, the image was found in a "labor relations newsletter and was used in an article about hiring practices in Mexico. According to the article the van pictured is used in recruiting women to work in industrial factories. Apparently, women have to be pregnancy tested before employment and the article mentioned that through NAFTA, the U.S. Labor Secretary is trying to eliminate this practice. Definitely shows the odd roles A-100s have played over the years." Thanks, Rod.
- Green A-100 Wagon. Found across the lot from the first (white) one above.
- Two-tone Wagon under a tree. Only half credit given here since the elements can still harm the vehicle(as opposed to a garage).
- A-100 Wagon fitted with special roof section. Most likely, this was purchased from the dealer in this configuration. Driven daily.
- Here we have a unique A-100 pickup, painted light purple on white. There are never enough custom A-100 pickups.(Image courtesy of The Northern Mopars Auto Club)
- This A-100 pickup has a set of Mopar police car wheels painted to match the body color. On top of that, the cleverly flamed paint job adds 5mph to the truck at any speed.(Image from High Performance Mopar Magazine Jan. `98 issue)

`61-Early `65 Sweptline Era Trucks

- '61 Longbox acting as a pallet supporting device. Note painted over door logo area(ex-business truck of some sort).
- '61 Power Wagon. Appears to be in a hunting configuration. Extremely large front bumper for those who weren't convinced by the menacing stance.
- '61 D-100 Longbed. Linked pic isn't much bigger, sorry.
- D-300 recently restored and in excellent condition. Clean paint job, too.
- D-100 Tradesman in alley near major thoroughfare. Notice added top section to service box.
- This B/W photo is of an early sixties Sweptline fire truck on the job fighting fires. The truck, as I am told, is still running strong.(Photo submitted by Chris Lublin)
- D-200 with non-stock flatbed. Note creative use of diamond plate and placement of spare.
- Pre-'65 D-700 with dump bed. I'm not sure if this one was for sale or if the owner was just showing it off(it has been there for quite a while).
- Neato shorty complete with meaty rear treads and sano stock wheelcovers. 318 Wideblock power, too. Curious '61 Dart Pickup-style trim (probably a `62).
- Longbox Utiline here. Were tires mounted up front ever in style??

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