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`61-`71 Dodge Truck VIN Decoder Info
This Java section was added 12:00am PST 4-30-98
Last updated 12:03am PST 12-27-99
The `61-`71 Dodge Truck VIN Decoder is a Java Program that runs in a web browser window that will decode nearly any `61-`71 Dodge Truck Vehicle Serial Number that is comprised of 10 or 13 digits. (I chose to call it a VIN Decoder because it is more common to call this number a Vehicle Identification Number rather than a Vehicle Serial Number.)

NOTE: You must be running one of the following Windows-based browsers for the VIN decoder to work...

Your web browser should prompt you for permission to download the Java 1.1 Browser Plugin once you go to the VIN Decoder page (if it doesn't, let me know). If you would like to skip that step, go to the following Web page and download the plugin beforehand:
There is also a Java patch for Netscape 4.03-4.04 at the following page (scroll down to "JDK 1.1 ARCHIVE FOR COMMUNICATOR"):

With that said, assuming you have the proper browser and such, there are two facets which need to be tested about the Decoder program. First, the Decoder must be tested with the proper Web Browser and/or plugin so that I can let visitors know what they need before drastic things happen to their computer. (The decoder is safe and harmless, but its nice to know what exactly will happen before it does) Also, the decoder must be tested for the VIN checking algorithm which should work good (I will be testing it myself for a great while starting the 30th of April). Please keep these things in mind when you get the program to run.

The program actually uses the Vehicle Serial Number as found from the aluminum plate on the drivers side of the cab door catch post. The word "VIN" is used simply because it is more common than "VSN" as states above.

Thus far, I have tried the Decoder Applet on Netscape 4.05 and Internet Exploder without the Java 1.1 Plugin and have not seen promising results. Feel free to run your Windows based 3.0 or higher browser on the Decoder without the patch by going to http://www.sweptline.com/java/netscape.html. Just let me know how it goes (or doesn't go).

You may respond by e-mail or by the included response form on the bottom of the Decoder page regarding how the program works.

DISCLAIMER: There are no warranties on this Java Applet. I, Kris Wickstead, am not responsible for any damages whatsoever that occur as a result of the program, whatever they may be. At this point, the decoder is merely intended to be used as a "toy" until it can be fully debugged. Furthermore, it is not a perfect source of information for Mopar Truck decoding; if you are interested in every detail of decoding any Mopar, contact Galen Govier. The Sweptline Era Dodge Truck VIN Decoder is not authorized by Chrysler or endorsed by Galen V. Govier. The code and layout for the program; however, is the copyright of Kris Wickstead.

Click here to run the Decoder (Browsers other than Netscape 4.06 and above... Plugin Required)

Netscape 4.06 and above users, click here.

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