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'61-'71 Dodge Ads

This is the ads page, one that was created to highlight the rather unique paper ads of '61-'71 Dodge Trucks and A-100 Vans. Most of these were found in various issues of the Saturday Evening Post Magazine from the 50's 60's and early 70's. It is also possible to find them in other publications of these years, but I have yet to research this thoroughly. Below is a complete listing of known issues with ads, and a description to give some direction as to what to look for. Also, images are linked where possible so anxious enthusiasts can view these ads in jpg format. Some are kinda large and might take a while to load, so fair warning is hereby given. Also, for space requirements, some of the linked pics may have been cropped or have large portions removed for clarity.

Most times, larger libraries have back issues from the sixties of the Saturday Evening Post Magazine. I currently attend a large university and have access to more issues than I can handle. Check around, sometimes these libraries are giving them away for free!

Musclecar fans, The Saturday Evening Post magazine had NUMEROUS musclecar ads of interest to the ultimate enthusiast during these years. Since I am only interested in '61-'71 Trucks for this website, I didn't have the time to document each issue that I found these ads in. If you want to find an ad on your primo musclecar from the sixties or seventies, check the Saturday Evening Post. It is likely that you will find what you're looking for.

I am interested in obtaining magazines, literature or ads from '61-'71 that feature Dodge Trucks. Please contact me via the Online Response link below if you have any or would be willing to color copy them at my expense. Materials loaned for use on this site will be promptly returned as they were received.

Dated Ads List

Unless otherwise noted, all ads on this page were found in the Saturday Evening Post Magazine on the date and page given. Numerous other magazines of the '61-'71 time period featured ads for Dodge Trucks, but due to accessibility only the Saturday Evening Post versions are currently listed.

Hot Rod had one if not more issues with `61-`71 Dodge Trucks within them. One in particular is the August 1970 issue which depicts on the front cover Tom McEwen's Mongoose Racecar with his support truck looming in the background. This support truck looks to be a 1969 Crew Cab D-500 with a specialty car carrier on the rear to transport the Mongoose car from race to race. Click the small image below to view the larger version. Note: this image is very large (108kb).
- Front cover picture of the August 1970 issue of Hot Rod Magazine.

Here is an image from the front of a 1961 Dodge Truck Sales brochure. As you can see, it represents one of the first 1961 Dodge Power Wagon Pickups. (submitted by John Bitter)

Rod Goings owns a smooth, 360 inspired `67 A-100 Sportsman (shown at left). He also has on his Mopar Homage Website a complete A-100 advertisement from that same year. Be sure to have a look if you own an A-100.

Ads Listed By Date
Magazine DatePage(s)Description
B/W = printed in black and white - COLOR = printed in color.
2-23-6363Work Trucks D-700 pictured. B/W
3-23-6312D-100 Longbed with boy and his pig. (note: linked image is very large) B/W
5-25-6313"A Dinky Little 'Ol Cam" (highlighting advanced features, improvements). B/W
6-15-6555"Walk Right In" ad depicting accessibility to big truck engine compartments. B/W
9-21-6316-17"In One Way, We Haven't Changed A Thing." - Compares 1918 truck to '63 D-700 Commercial Truck. B/W
11-23-63405/50 warranty offering advertisement. Shows fancy warranty certificate with description. B/W
1-18-6472Close up of a D-700 front end. (5/50 warranty related ad). B/W
3-21-6479NY Worlds Fair demo, D-100 Jumping over a Dart. B/W
5-9-641"Built for the carriage trade but it isn't priced that way." Shows a man peering into the interior of a '64 D-100, along with a side view of the full truck. B/W
5-30-649A-100's Lineup, showing all available A-100 Models. COLOR.
7-4-6443Dodge Wagons. Station wagons and now available the new A-100 Van. Shows van with other Dodge station wagons. COLOR.
7-11-6453"Job Rating Doesen't Cost Anymore, Anymore." Depicts a mail style route-van. B/W
5-8-6515"Great New Dodge, Old Low Price." Shows '65 model in color with new features discussed. COLOR.
5-22-6565"Your Dodge Dealer has more homes than the average subdivision." Ad describes types of camper packages available for purchase with picturesque scenes.
10-9-6511"Isn't a truck that looks this good, and works this hard entitled to a weekend off?" Depicts 3/4 ton in mud, parked, and with guys camping. COLOR.
11-6-6551"Only Dodge Compacts have V-8 Power." Speedy A-100 Van showing off good looks. B/W
1-15-6675Same as above, only the words V-8 Power aren't in red. (linked pic above was cropped) B/W
2-26-66"...entitled to a weekend off?" Much like 10-9-65 above, only with a bear admiring the truck as opposed to the guys camping in the third picture. COLOR.
3-26-66DA-11Same as 5-22-65 ad, only with the words "Enjoy the great outdoors with Dodge." replacing "...More Homes..."
4-23-6663"Own your own home in..." Shows camper equipped truck traveling the open road. COLOR.
5-7-665"Give your wife a truck for Mother's Day." This ad, another installment to the "Enjoy the great outdoors with Dodge" series (each of these ads have the "outdoors" subtitle), asks the gentleman of the home to buy a truck and camper combo for the family. Includes small side views of an A-100 pickup and a D-series longbed, both equipped with slide-in campers. B/W
5-21-6625"See America..." Shows Dodge Truck at Yellowstone National Park in front of Old Faithful. The title "Old Faithful" perfectly describes the toughness of these trucks. COLOR.
6-18-6659"More homes than the average subdivision." Not like 5-22-65 or 3-26-66, as this ad has a different layout and pics.
7-22-6663"Handsome Truck..." Poetic, handsome, truthful, and tough are all accounted for in this ad. B/W
9-24-665Big Dodge Truck hard at work on manhole cover related maintanence job. B/W
1-28-672"Dear Mark" ATA/Dodge Trucks sponsored ad with a touching letter written to a little boy who misses his trucking father. No trucks shown, but a noteworthy and unique ad. B/W
2-25-6781"This big blue and white fleet has been all Dodge since 1928." This ad shows off the big rigs that were built by Dodge to transport Chrysler Corporation items to folks around the country. Cool Ad! B/W
3-25-6719A-108 King Size Van With cutaway showing interesting features. (cutaway not shown here) B/W
2-24-682Red D-100 Pickup Adventurer ad. COLOR.
??-??-682Brown D-100 Adventurer Pickup ad. Shows football players on field/in background. (note: this is a very large image) COLOR.
9-21-686-7A-108 Tradesman.
11-16-688Tradesman RV A-108.

NOTE: All ads were scanned without the permission of the Saturday Evening Post or The Chrysler Corporation.

Interested in more cool Mopar Ads from this Era?? Check out Lee Herman's Mopar Page and his wonderfully extensive selection of old Mopar ads.

Where to buy Dodge Truck Literature

Lee Sherry, a Washington State resident, offers ads for most makes of cars, trucks, boats and aircraft from 1910 to 1980 for $1 to $4 each. Road tests from 1950 to 1965 for $2 each. E-mail Lee at for more information or inquiries about available ads or road tests.

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