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Mid-'65-'67 Dodge Trucks

In the spring of 1965, a move to single headlights and a larger grille along with more stylish taillights to go with the new bed design were the bulk of asthetic changes that were made to Dodge light duty pickups. There were also some new full length trim styles and good looking interior accents that complimented the rest of the revamped package.

Mechanically, a new 273cid small block V-8 engine was added six months prior, and other utilitarian changes that came in '65 included a longer wheelbase on the long bed models and a redesigned, double-wall bed that included a full width tailgate. Featuring single handle operation, the old chain and hook style of tailgate closure was done away with, except on Utiline models. The wheelbase was increased to 128in , an improvement of six inches. This change was made to accomidate loads more adequately, in relation to a sharp rise in pickup-camper sales.

Image from Dodge Truck Advertisement.
Interiors were also improved as a part of the redesign. Dashboards and seats were the same in shape, but new polished aluminium trim accents and color designs updated the creature comforts along with the rest of the truck.

Later in this middle ground of the Sweptline Era, there were few changes. The ones that were made, however, were quite noteworthy. In '67, the big block 383 V-8 was made available as optional equipment. This addition placed 383 powered Sweptlines as the most powerful full size trucks in the market. Pickup truck-camper demand was again responsible for this change, since these applications demanded a strong powerplant to carry the heavy loads involved. The other change was on the outside door handle. This was no doubt a simple change, but the previous six years had still been using the weaker lever type handle that was a carry over from the fifties.

Example of '57-'66 Dodge Truck Door Handle
Example of '67-'71 Dodge Truck Door Handle

'67 trucks were produced with a few items that were optional on trucks from previous years. These additions included dual padded visors, reverse lights, and emergency flashers.

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