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'68-'71 Dodge Trucks

Late '67 thru '68 Trucks
The changes from 1967 to 1968 Dodge trucks were little more than a new, more oval grille design, optional two-tone paint schemes, and the availability of the Adventurer package. Engineers also changed the hood design to match the grille. With the camper market still accounting for large sales numbers, Dodge ads aimed the "Double Life" theme at buyers to highlight the comfort, looks and toughness of the latest models.

`68 Sweptline Postcard

1969 Dodge Trucks
1969 was a year of few, yet unique changes. As shown in the above picture, both the hood and bumper design was updated for a sleeker and more appealing appearance. In the drivetrain the dated front I-beam suspension was revamped for easier steering, better control, and overall a softer ride. Dodge highlighted these changes with the "Cushioned Beam" slogan that was incorporated into various advertisements from the time period. The interior of all light duty pickups also received a new dash which was more like a flat angled panel spanning the width of the interior. A fully padded upper portion added to passenger safety and comfort, while controls and gauges were updated accordingly.
`69 Press Photos

Crew Cab Camper

W-100/Stake Trucks

'70-'71 Dodge Trucks
On the exterior, a new grille and safety lights made the list of changes for '70-'71 trucks. An easy-off tailgate was another innovation for the camper crowd, as was a wiring provision for the electrical of slide on units. On Camper Special models, a huge 25 gallon gas tank was made standard, while a 23 gallon auxiliary tank was optional.

1971, being the last year for the Sweptline Era, was still a colorful year for changes and additions. A "Dodge" decal graced the tailgate where previously, the trucks had the letters for the Dodge name stamped into the center of the gate.

The Sweptline Special
Image from Dodge Truck sales brochure
The most unique trucks for '70 and `71 were the "Sweptline Special" and "Dude" package trucks. The Sweptline Special was a ultra bare bones short-box truck equipped with all the necessities and very few comforts. These items include a 198ci Slant-Six mated to a 3-spd manual tranny. This truck was sold at a lower price than those offered by competitors and targeted the commercial or utilitarian market. On the other hand, the Dude package was clearly more fun as far as options and looks go. A body length, c-shaped stripe fit the contours of the Sweptline box and included the Dude logo. This truck was based more upon paint and tape appearance upgrades rather than comfort or engineering advancements. See the Dodge Dude Pickup Brochure below for more information on the Dude package.

Image from Dodge Truck sales brochure
Dude Advertisement Images

Inside of Flyer

Outside of Flyer

For more information about Dude Pickups or to register your Dude in the Dude Pickup Registry, visit The Dodge Dude Website. even featured the Dodge Dude Pickup! The Dodge Dude Abides: Adventures in Truck Marketing

Luke Talkin's `70 Dude
Images Submitted by Owner, Luke Talkin
Luke found this truck at an auction, and what a gem! It's a 1970 D-100 Sweptline Longbed with the Dude package, which is a rare beast considering that a good majority of the Dude pickups were 1971 model year trucks. The truck has seen 61,000 miles and has no signs of any major repair work. Since Luke got the truck, he has added a set of headers, MP Electronic Ignition, an RV cam, 4bbl intake and carb along with a tranny cooler for better performance. Luke plans to restore the body of the truck and maintain the original color scheme along with a repro set of stripes and Dude decals. Click on the thumbnail images below to see more pics of Luke's `70 Dude Pickup.

Richard Smith's `71 Dude
Images Submitted by Owner, Richard L. Smith
Here's an excellent example of a very near-original 1971 Dude Pickup. This D-100 has only 70,000 miles on it and still has the original paint and interior in good condition. A 318 small block powerplant lives under the hood while a 727 Loadflite transmission does the gear changing. To see a couple more views of this clean, original Dude Pickup, click on the thumbnail images below.

Images Submitted by Steve Dreibelbis
Above and below are three images of a `71 Dude Pickup sandwiched in-between another Dodge Truck and some Mopar Muscle. Click on the thumbnail images below to see a couple more views of the truck.

Thanks to Chris Lublin and Steve Dreibelbis for use of various '71 Dodge Truck sales literature items which were useful in creating this page.

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